THREE years ago Chris Pratt shone as Peter Quill, charming our screens in Guardians of the Galaxy. This year the Guardians are back for more jokes, takings us to a hyper lead into excitement.

The second installment follows Peter and the Guardians as they are chased across the galaxy by Ayesha, the leader of the Sovereign race, played by Elizabeth Debicki. Fleeing this new enemy, Quill is finally reunited with his estranged Father “Ego”, portrayed by Kurt Russel, but something is not quite right.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
Left to right: Ego, Quill

The film is a triumph. Guardians of the Galaxy was a hit, and it’s possible this sequel is even better. Cinematically it was a masterpiece. Without giving too much away, a large amount of the film takes place on a planet so beautifully imagined it never occurs to the viewer you are watching CGI. Director James Gunn combines a perfect mix of these beautiful visuals, comedy and heart wrenching moments. The cliche of laughing one minute and crying the next has never been more true- in this case the emotional roller-coaster of the film could almost feel off beat, but the audience’s attachment to the characters makes it work.

There are two memorable character additions to this film, the first being Pom Klementiff’s Mantis, and the second the adorable Baby Groot. Mantis acts as Star-Lord father’s maid of sorts, but also has the ability to read and alter the emotions of those touched by her. But what makes her so lovable is her similarities to Dave Bautista’s character, Drax. With the pair’s limited understanding of human social interaction, they team up to bring laughs and some definitely non-conventional romance.

However, baby Groot steals the show over all others in this second installment. After Groot sacrifices himself at the end of the first film to save the Guardians of the Galaxy, he is reborn as the tiny, cute and hilarious baby Groot, whose scenes are the funniest throughout the movie. Despite being small and adorable, baby Groot is actually voiced by Vin Diesel, saying only the three words ‘I am Groot.’

Just like its predecessor, the film had an exceptional soundtrack. It featured a range of 80’s classics from the likes of Sam Cooke, George Harrison, Cheap Trick and Fleetwood Mac. It was a smash hit worldwide, grossing over $431 million worldwide since its release last week. This ranks it at the sixth highest grossing film of 2017 so far. There’s still time to go enjoy the Marvel masterpiece, get your tickets now.


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