CASH strapped Salford Lads Club are shocked to see their image being used without even being asked by big firm Co-Op. The iconic image has been used on a new set of ales released by Co-Op.

Leslie Holmes, project manager at Salford Lads club, noticed this when he was in a Co-op in the city centre.

He said: ” I think it’s really shocking that nobody at the Co-op contacted us before going ahead with this or even politely asked our permission.”

The new ales were chosen by Co-op members after the opportunity was given to them. Co-op has teamed up with Robinsons Brewery for this initiative. Due to both companies being from the North West they have had the designs made by an external company to reflect their links to the north.

The three ales that the Co-op have released feature, drawings of Robinsons brewery, Deansgate bridge and Salford Lads Club.

Salford Lads Club iconic image derives from a photograph Manchester band, The Smiths. The photo was taken outside when they used to perform there, back in 1984-1987. It then was used on their album ‘The Queen is Dead.’ Salford Lads Club

Stephen Wright photographed this image and was awarded the prize for most famous image of the Smiths. People from across the country and a far visit Salford Lads Club and pose to recreate the Smiths album cover.

The club has been operating since 1903, firstly opened by the Groves Brothers.

It works for young local people, in one of the most deprived parts of North West England.

The club is run by volunteers who have done this for over 60 years and doesn’t receive money from the government or the local council, it is self-funded.

Mr Holmes added: ” We design and sell merchandise with our name on it, it’s one of our few income generating strands we have, so it’s a real pity when a company like the Co-op tread over this to make a profit.”

Co-op have a community fund thus a donation to the Salford Lads Club would be a kind gesture to diminish any grievances.

The three ales consist of a rich amber, a rich golden and pale golden. The beer styles are each brewed with fresh spring water from the Peak District National Park. 

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