Rambert Dance Company presents ‘Ghost Dances plus other works’ this week at the Lowry theatre.
‘Ghost Dances’ was created by Christopher Bruce in 1981 and refers to political oppression under Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile, and the sudden ‘disappearances’ of some opponents to the regime.
The choreographer uses Latin American music and culture to tell the story of how ordinary people have been taken away.

The atmosphere is light hearted and playful, until the chilling Ghost Dancers appear, to interrupt and destroy innocent lives.
The triple bill also includes ‘Symbiosis’, by Greek choreographer Andonis Foniadakis, a new work which will be performed for the first time on Thursday, and ‘Transfigured Night’, created in 2015, by award-winning Kim Brandstrup.   

Watch dancers Luke Ahmet and Brenda Lee Grech talking about the show, and what it is like to perform at the Lowry.

By Laura Joffre

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