68 KILL is a stylish, bloody thriller fresh from winning the audience award at SXSW festival in America. It delighted Manchester with twists and turns aplenty and fantastic acting from an acerbic, sharp script.

Director Trent Haaga takes us on a journey following central character, the meek Chip Taylor (Mathew Gray Gubbler). Chip gets dragged into an increasingly insane world of bizarre, Tarentino esque violence and femme fatale’s, meeting three central women including his blonde bombshell girlfriend Liza (AnnaLynne McCord), the kidnapped Violet (Alisha Boe) and “goth bitch” Monica (Shelia Vand)

All three of the films leading women fit perfectly into the mad world that Haaga has crafted, which is a roller-coaster ride of massive scale – every time you think it’s about to calm down, the tension is knocked up another notch, with several genuine surprises.

After helping Lizza rob a rich, old hillbilly and meeting her deranged brother, Chip takes off with the money they’ve stolen and their car, beginning a cross country chase around the states decorated in blood.

Matthew Gray Gubbler is a standout, his character arc particularly impressive as he traverses the crazy landscape that Haaga paints with help from standout cinematography from Needham B Smith. 68 Kill is decorated in neon lights and dingy setpieces, bloody landscapes which are captured brilliantly, with some great location choices and some stunningly gory shots.


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