BESTSELLING author and blogger is invited to take part in wellbeing week at the University of Salford for the mental health day organised at Frederick Road campus.

Claire Eastham, the author of ‘We’re All Mad Here’ who suffered herself from anxiety, attended the event, sharing her experience to interested students, telling them what it is like to deal with the problem and how important it is to promote good mental health.

“People really underestimate how hard it is to be a student. You get that kind of label as lay about, they just drink, they don’t go to lectures. But actually, you go through some of the biggest changes of your life, like moving away, making friends really quickly, social pressures, financial pressures and learning how to talk like an academic”, said the award-winning author when asked about the issues that cause the mental health problems among students.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental issues that have a great impact on student’s achievements, productivity and attention.

YouGov’s survey on Britain’s students shows that more than a quarter of them (27%) report having a mental health problem of some sort. According to the statistics, female students are more likely than males to develop a mental health problem (34% vs 19%), and LGBT students have a high chance of mental health problems compared to heterosexual students (45% vs 22%).

Claire Eastham advises students: “Tell someone, it sounds really basic but don’t keep it all bottled up because it’s the worst thing you can do, I know from experience. You can tell a friend and, as I understand, Salford has a really good wellbeing team that you can talk to.”

Exercising is also one of Claire’s pieces of advice and throughout the week the University of Salford included sports activities in its schedule.

On Monday, there was a yoga session and Elinor Gibbs, 20, took part in it and expressed her opinion about the event: “I think that mental health is really important and having a day dedicated to it makes you really think about it because studying can get quite stressful. It’s good to take a break and yoga, it’s really relaxing.”

The activities will carry on throughout the week. For more details about the events, you can have a look at the schedule here.

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