University of Salford students showed off their very own virtual reality game last weekend at GameLab.

The students did a placement with an agency to design a game, which they ended up calling it Neighbours balls.

The puzzle game is about getting a ball into a pipe using the controller and VR headset, but it is a lot harder than it looks because the player has to do each level as quick as possible.

At times, players will miss the pipe because you have to fling the ball across one area to the next.

Tomas Narusevicius, 22, explained that they both worked full shifts with the agency to get this game to its current level, and it was up to them to chose which platform they should work on, but they were encouraged to try VR.

He said: “Only us two worked on it, with only a few tips from the main manager.

“They had a lot of control of what to do with it, but we had a lot of freedom to experiment.”

Naia Skyriujar, 22, is an artist and was a Narusevicius colleague on the project, she said:

“Since it is VR, it is really hard because it can be too bright on the eyes.

“Or you couldn’t distinguish things between themselves, so it was really hard to make them look pretty.”

GameLab took place at the University of Salford’s MediaCityUK campus over the weekend and last year had over 2000 people attend.

The event showcased the best in experimental gaming, from Virtual Reality to eSports events, presenting how cutting-edge research in science, technology, and media is really changing the world.

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