Your Illuminations created a confetti explosion at the weekend, celebrating the release of their new single ‘Glitter’ at Manchester’s Factory.

They brought their signature fairy lights and all kinds of sparkly fun.

The North Yorkshire trio released ‘Glitter’ at the start of October in the hopes of raising as much money as they could for Mind, the mental health charity.

Just letting people know they are not alone. They don’t have to struggle by themselves”, said David Fink 

The Manchester show was the last date of the tour to celebrate the new single; bringing the fans together to raise awareness for those who suffer and fight each day without us knowing.

They checked how much the single raised before starting the tour and that figure was £700 and still rising.

Vocalist and guitarist, Robbie Stuart believes that  they are in the “best industry for it as well.

We’ve been chatting to so many people. They come at us with all this emotional baggage that they have and they feel like they can open up to us, to each other, in an environment that is really safe. Everybody has a really great mind-set who come to these gigs.

Pictured: Robbie Sing

“People have met people from different countries at our shows and become like best friends and got friendship tattoos and even beaten us to YI tattoos so it’s amazing.”

Whilst everyone at the gig had a great time, the inspiration for the song is rather sad. The Yorkshire lads had a friend who suffered with mental health problems. But, out of that darkness came a beautiful song that resonates with so many other people.

Davey, as he introduced himself, says the main goal was to: “raise awareness and as much money as we can for Mind. Sometimes we really struggle when writing songs but this one came out immediately.

“It’s just letting people know they are not alone and that they don’t have to struggle by themselves. They can do whatever they want and there’s always people to help them and believe in them and make sure they can be who they want to be without having to be someone else.”

Pictured: Tom Lumley

Robbie added onto this, saying that encouraging people to speak up is massively important: “I think more importantly nowadays it’s quite an open thing to speak out about, if you’re confident enough to do it, but it’s finding people to listen to it.

The night was full of geeky dance moves and, of course, tonnes of glitter, attracting a wide range of people.

Your Illuminations had some support from Elessar, Fire Lady Luck and Tom Lumley, who all brought something a little different to the stage.

If you need help with your mental health visit and if you want to buy the single ‘Glitter’ and donate to Mind go to

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