ON a Thursday Evening nearing closing to Christmas. Market Street, possibly the busiest and main street in the heart of Manchester’s shopping scene is hectic.

But for nothing connecting to Christmas. Urban Outfitters, is holding a live event with the 20-year-old Lewisham MC Novelist. Strange? You may be thinking, or who even is that?


Urban Outfitters have been having these types of events across the American stores for years now.

However, in recent months introduced them to London when launching the Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Tour Merchandise. The concept of these occasions? DJs play, drinks are drunk whilst you shop the new launch.

By trying to introduce a new excitement and community feel to their shop, with rappers such as Earl Sweatshirt and ASAP Ferg being on the list to previously play, it’s not hard to see why Producer and Grime Artist Novelist was the act to grace Manchester with his London presence.

For the last few years Novelist, real name Kojo Kankam, has been nominated for Best Grime Act at the MOBO Awards 2014 and described by many as the “new face of grime”.

By reviving the genre of grime away from social media, he makes it is his business to be conscious of social and political issues. Showing it through his rhyme schemes by mixing in politics, shown in his popular hit ‘David Cameron Riddim’.

As the crowd packed into the three-storey building at 7pm for the free event. They spread across all the corners of the bottom floor as well as up the stairs to the second floor.

The opening DJ spun his own set with Big Shaq’s new hit ‘Man’s Not Hot,’ inciting a party atmosphere allowing the crowd to get even more hyped.

The strange atmosphere of bright lights and being in a clothes shop didn’t stop the perfectly warmed-up crowd, who’d been dancing and chanting already, then erupt once the main act took to the stage.

Then, the storm.

Novelist spared no time in getting the crowd’s energy to their highest possible level, with hands up and mosh pits looking even more likely to be ejected into the room.

There are times when he spurs a backing track and demonstrates a breathless flow. But, throughout the performance it’s rare that he makes it to the end of the song without the DJ having to rewind the track all the way back to the beginning, whilst at one point the mixing is so impeccable that Novelist and his team of support on the stage actually stop to MC to jump around flailing their arms in every direction.

By charming the audience with his beaming smile, his individuality shines through not only through his looks with his hair to his multi-coloured Tommy Hilfiger hoody but by being a versatile performer.

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