Black Friday, the most anticipated day in the shoppers calendar is arriving in Salford on the 24th November.

The day brings chaos to the nations shops and it’s no different here in Salford as the city’s retailers prepare themselves for bombardment of excited shoppers.

As usual, the annual event is followed by Cyber Monday , however this year many shops are releasing their deals days in advance while some are planning to span it over many weeks.

Amazon, the online retailer, will be announcing their deals 10 days before the day itself while House of Fraser are holding a 16 day event for customers.

Salford retailers taking part in Black Friday

Here are some of the best deals that you will find on Black Friday in Salford this year:

Unfortunately, the best way to secure yourself the hottest deals on the day is by queuing up before the shops open. If you’d rather shop online though, most retailers will be offering their deals via the web but be prepared for lengthy delivery times.

Will the people of Salford be shopping this Black Friday?

We spoke to shoppers in Salford to find out if they will be capitalising on the deals this year or if they will be shopping from the comfort of their sofa via the internet.

The History of Black Friday

The event has grown in the UK over recent years after making its way over the pond from America.

The term ‘Black Friday’ begun after US retailers reported profit (going into the black) on the first day of the Christmas Holiday’s shopping season after operating in loss (being in the red) for the rest of the calendar year.

‘Black Friday’ was originally used by the police in America to describe the chaos of this day and has since become a commonly used phrase across America and the UK.

The first few years of ‘Black Friday’ in the UK brought some unsavory scenes as shoppers fought over products such as televisions in order to bag themselves the best deals.

UK retailers are hoping this year that shoppers will be better behaved on the day to ensure there are no injuries and that Black Friday ends in success.

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