Human Appeal Charity visited the British Red Cross in Manchester to donate £26,000 to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund on Thursday, after a six-month campaign to raise money for the victims of the Manchester Arena terror attack.

The Manchester-based charity launched its fundraising campaign after the attack at the Manchester Arena in May.

Samra, the Human Appeal’s UK domestic programmes manager, said: “We’re at the heart of the community and we had to do something and wanted to stand with the victims, with the City and with the citizens of Greater Manchester. We wanted to engage the community to do their part and stand up against hate.”

Samra represented Human Appeal at the British Red Cross, where she received commendation from Senior Community Fundraiser, Max Newton, for the generous donation.

The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund is a stand alone charity that is managed by British Red Cross and has provided help and support since the attack, which took the lives of 22 people.

Six months on, the campaign is still running to offer support to the victims families and all those who were affected by the events that took place on May 22.

Hannah Owens, who was at the Ariana Grande concert on the night of the attack, said: “I still think about it every day, it’s definitely made me more aware that these things can happen anywhere at any time.

Unfortunately we see these sorts of horrific incidents on the TV but I never expected to ever witness one in my lifetime.”

I actually made friends on twitter who were also at Manchester Arena on the night of the attack and I feel like it’s really helped knowing I can talk to people who experienced the same trauma as I did. I’ve also received emails from Manchester NHS offering help and support if I ever may need it, and I was also given the opportunity to come back to the arena for closure.” Said Hannah

Manchester has seen an incredible response in support for the victims from the community; six months on from the attack people are still raising money and offering their help to those in need.

The twitter community has also come together to express their thoughts and feelings as we reach the six month anniversary of the attack with the #WeLoveMCR.

Donations are still very much encouraged by British Red Cross and Human Appeal. Find out more about how to donate to We Love Manchester Emergency Fund here.

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    Please note the correct fundraising page for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund is:

    The We Love Mcr fund is a different charity appeal. Sorry for the confusion.

    For updates and more information on the emergency fund please visit our website here:

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