The Lowry is hosting a live show that includes reflections of the community that lived and breathed Salford Red Devils.

The Lowry will host the showcase event on November 23 at 7pm.

This small community of die-hard fans whose stadium grounds were turned into housing, caused them to lose their Rugby heritage.

The 144 year old Rugby League team have seen their share of ups and downs over their extensive career, holding the Willows Stadium as their home grounds for 110 years until 2011.

The Lowry is hosting a memorial showcase, allowing fans to relive their heritage and for wider audiences to learn about the passion that drives England’s Super League fan base.

The Lowry Studio Theatre should prove for an intimate production, as it is expected to be a full house of 140 seats and tickets should be sold out.

We met up with John Blackburn at The Lowry theatre, to talk about the community culture that surrounded the Willow Stadium:

The Willows stadium held its last event on January 28 2011, the stadium was not only host for The Red Devils Rugby Team but has held events for weddings, live music, charity shows, and private parties.

The Red Devils have had their share of glory and defeat, for example their staggering victory in the 1996 Challenge Cup:

The Willow Memories Showcase will no doubt incorporate old-but-gold footage like this.

The closure of a community hub always comes as sad news to locals. The new stadium is the AJ Bell stadium, that is situated 5 miles from the original grounds. Although that doesn’t seem like much, it has altered the local community greatly.

Have a look at this interactive map to help you find your way there:

Tickets will be sold on the door, but if you are looking to reserve yourself a seat try here:

Visit here for ticket information!

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