NEW gym chain MultiFit  – first set up in India  – has now reached Manchester.

The company will open in the Ladysmith shopping centre in Ashton in the new year.

MultiFit became the fastest growing functional fitness brand in India using a back to basics model developed by its highly qualified and experienced trainers.

The MultiFit gym will open at the Ladysmith Shopping centre in Ashton, Manchester

Managing director Brent Wood-Townend, 25, who is also head personal trainer of the new gym, said: “I think Samir (founder of the brand MultiFit) chose Manchester because firstly I am from Manchester and so is Sally (co-founder to the brand), so we wanted to make sure it was somewhere that our connections could be easily made.

“We have a close connection with the city of Manchester already. I think when opening a business, especially in health and fitness, market research is essential.

“We wanted Manchester to be our hub for the MultiFit brand here in the UK. We know we have different gyms here such as JD Gyms, Virgin Active and Pure Gym’s but we want to open a completely different style of training and fitness studios here.”

It aims to promote a healthy way to work out and by having the perfect balance of mind-body-soul known as the ‘IFIT’ model.

MultiFit’s model ‘IFIT’

Mr Wood-Townend said: “At our gym we don’t offer the use of treadmills. We don’t own cross machines or apparatus like that, it is not in our philosophy. But we have never had something here in the UK that is pure functional like we have.

“It’s more of the old school type of training where you have your battle ropes, you have your tyres. Functional fitness is something that we hope to educate our new members about instead of just showing them how to lift a few weights and do a work out.”

The brand aims to make fitness more of a lifestyle choice and to make the work out more exciting and enjoyable for its members.

Mr Wood-Townend added: “It’s an environment where you will learn about the workouts you are doing, you will see the results and you’ll have fun doing it at the same time. People will be worried when they first walk in and wonder where the treadmills and basic gym apparatus are, but we will reassure our members that they will be educated through our philosophy of training.”

You can view the full interview with Brent here:


“The thing that I like about the MultiFit team is if you make one mistake, its fine, but don’t make the same mistake twice. We learn from our mistakes.

“I made a few mistakes when opening the gyms in India with Samir and Sally, but now I have come over here to make the new gym, I have learnt from those mistakes to make sure the first gym here in the UK will be a rewarding success for us all.”

“I can’t wait! I’m really excited. It’s going to be something completely different. We’ve seen what we can offer in India.”

Mr Wood-Townend said the MultiFit plan is to reach out to more areas across the North-West and expand out to the UK and go even more global.

“In the next year we would love to have five gyms right here in the UK and by 2019 we aim for 20 gyms. Resulting in hopefully 100 gyms across the UK in the next five years.”


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