Three weeks into celebrating the Christmas Markets, Manchester has seen record breaking sales due to the city being filled with people wanting to get into the festive spirit.

Over 80,000 of the festive mugs have been purchased, which is a huge increase from previous years.











Crowds of people from all over the UK swarm the markets as Manchester offers a variety of different stalls that spread throughout the city, following a traditional, German and French theme.

80,000 of the festive mugs were sold during the first 14 days of the markets being open, and this looked at against last years 60,000 that were sold in the same time frame from 2016.












Councillor Luthfur Rahman, the Executive Member for School Culture and Leisure, said: “I’m not surprised this many mugs got sold as every year the markets get better and more and more people come to have themselves a good time and celebrate together.”

“The themes of the markets offer something different and set them apart which I think people enjoy as they have a variety of things to do from tasting the food and beverages whilst being able to shop from all the stalls.”

After the tough year, Manchester has faced this goes to show that we can come together as a society to show how unbreakable we all are.

“We are all United, we are showing all those people that come here from all over the UK that we are a city that comes back from anything no matter the case.”IMG_0329.JPG

Kiano Dawkins, 24 from London said: “My girlfriend goes to university here so this is our third year coming together and we love it, its one the best Christmas markets I’ve been too there’s no other atmosphere like it.”

When asked if he knew that Manchester’s Market had reached record-breaking sales with their festive mugs, he replied: “That doesn’t surprise me, the drinks here are so nice and being able to keep the mugs as a souvenir is great, we still have our ones from last year too.”


Market researcher, Colliers has stated that Manchester has achieved the spot of being the go-to shopping place outside of London. This shows that Manchester should be on everyone’s radar this Christmas as these markets should not be missed.


The markets close on December 21st so you still have plenty of time to come and enjoy all the fun with over 300 festive stalls to attend too.



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