CHRISTMAS is a time for indulgence, but at the same time an excessive amount of food ends up in the bin.

Manchester’s restaurants and university students are partnering with real-time offers app CityMunch to help stamp out food waste this December.

Until December 18, restaurants such as Beastro, Yard & Coop, Kettlebell Kitchen, Dogs ‘N’ Dough, Bosu Body Bar, Exchange Food & Drink lounge will be offering up to 90 per cent off food and drink during their last hour of operation through the CityMunch mobile app.

To ensure nothing is wasted, university volunteers will be on hand to distribute any unsold food to the homeless.

Laura Hafes, manager of Citymunch app, says: “Food waste is a global issue. So we are trying to use technology as a bridge to help get restaurants to communicate with the people in the area to say look we have good quality food, come and get it a bit cheaper at the end of the day.”

The campaign aims to raise awareness by involving the community in an issue which affects everyone. A whopping half a kilo of food is wasted every time someone eats out, but the problem isn’t limited to restaurants.

According to Unilever, UK families throw away 4 million meals per year, putting a massive strain on resources. A family of four is able to save as much as £60 per month by cutting down on waste.

So far, nine restaurants joined the Food Waste Week campaign.

It’s only one week-long campaign, but hopefully it’s an appetizer for bigger change!

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