A CASH-STRAPPED Weaste mum is warning others not to succumb to loan sharks to cope with the cost of Christmas.

Sam Moore*, 23 years old, has previously had a lot of trouble with loan sharks. Last Christmas, she borrowed money to buy presents for her two children after vet bills financially drained her.  

She said: “The stress nearly killed me.”

“We initially borrowed £400 but it racked up to around £1,000 due to interest. 

” I had gone to the company because our pet dog, Jasper, had to have an operation on his leg and the vet bills crippled me financially.  

“I am a single mother and I couldn’t bear the thought of my children not having anything on Christmas day. Running up to the holidays they would come home and talk about their friends who have asked for all these toys. It just makes you feel like you’re failing as a mum.  

“Life isn’t all about toys and games but why should my children go without because I don’t have a lot of money.” 

Sam explained that after paying for vet bills, it left so little she had to use a loan shark company which ended up harassing her for money even in the late hours of the evening affecting her mental health and disrupting her family’s life.

“I found that the stress of owing money to these ruthless people ended up taking over my entire life. Even though I had managed to get everything sorted for Christmas, when January came, they didn’t waste anytime in pushing for their money back.

“I was lucky in the end that my Grandad helped me pay back the money. I don’t know what I would have done without his help. It’s good the kids got great presents and we could eat a lovely meal, but I don’t think it’s worth getting myself in that situation again.

“I urge other people to spend their money wisely and if they do get into financial difficulty, use a trustworthy company.”

 Salford Credit Union is very busy this year helping out those who need financial support this winter. 

The chair, Councillor Jim King commented ” This is the busiest year for quite some time now. We have lowered our interest rates and we’re attracting more pay roll loans from places such as the City Council.”  

If you have financial difficulties here are a number of contacts

Welfare Rights and Debt Advice Service- 0161 793 3550

You can also visit Salford City Council’s website – www.salford.gov.uk/welfarerights

*The interviewees name has been changed as she would like to remain anonymous regarding her financial difficulties.

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