SALFORD University Boat Club will be competing against teams from all around the UK next month and have been training intensively in preparation.

On the 24-25th of February, the team will be competing against the rest of the UK in the BUCS 4’s and 8’s Head race. This specific type of race, is a single run at a set distance and the fastest time wins.

Salford University Boat Club have had a positive track record, winning the past two Varsity’s.

Here are a few shots of the team in action:

The team have put themselves through a week long intense training session, 8 hour sessions including being on the water 2-3 times a day. This intensive routine of fitness and team building may give the team a winning edge this year.

Shafiq Shazali has been a member of the rowing club for 3 years, and has seen the Club through highs and lows throughout his rowing career.

After a brief chat with him, he relieved how the full team are feeling hopeful:

‘after the training camp, I think the whole team as a whole have gained confidence…  Within the next four weeks we should be more or less prepared for the race.’

Last year, The team came in the top 30% of contestants, even though they had a malfunction with a broken boat. It seems that this year, perhaps without a breaking boat the team should be able to do much better and should bring home some triumphant results.

The university of Salford has a wide selection of Societies to join, including American Football, Fencing, Kickboxing and even Scuba Diving.

Have a look for yourself and see if any societies take your fancy!

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