Salford University prepares to welcome its students back for refreshers week between the dates of 29th January and the 3rd February 2018. 

This type of event will differ from fresher’s due to its focus being mainly at MediaCity and the Allerton Campus instead of the main campus.

A huge focus is also to include parents and young carers in many of it’s events, with this action being supported by Salford’s Health and Social Care Officer Emily Voss Bevan.

The list of activities includes for Refreshers week; parents and carers tea and toast, religious based events and IT/Technology classes – Availble here.

“Many people feel really really left out” said Miss Bevan, so these activities will try to include all types of students instead of the typical young student who will be more focused on going out.

If you are planning on going out however, Miss Bevan’s advice is that you follow your friends. “If you do end up on your own, make sure you have an app that can help find out where you are, that’s really really important.” she said.

Try to stay with friends when going out and know your limits if you’re deciding to drink. For more information visit Drinkaware.

Events are open to all students of Salford University who are coming back over the second semester, so feel free to get involved with everything that’s going on this refreshers week.

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