THE OWNERS of the Porta tapas bars plan to open a new branch in Salford.

Brothers Ben and Joe Wright are hoping to expand their business with a third Porta tapas and wine bar in the Chapel Street neighbourhood.

This is following their two previous locations in Cheshire and later Altrincham under 18 months ago, along with their independent restaurant Joseph Benjamin.

Ben Wright said: “It’s really exciting, we love the site, we love the area and we’re just really keen to be a part of the community.

“Altrincham was our first step towards Manchester.”

The team have been in talks with Salford council for around six months up till now, whom have been “keen” to see the site filled with an independent business.

The resturant serves a variety of tapas, desserts along with a wide selection of alcholic beverages, varying from white wine to spirits, and plan to take their menu in an “upward trajectory”, as they did in their Altrincham expansion.

The site is currently the former bank on Bexley Square; this would bring new food industry to the area which just lost two providers in Another Heart to Feed and Lupo Caffè Italiano.

If all goes according to plan in regards to to planning and licence permission, which Mr Wright seems fairly sure of, the bar will open by the summer.

They are planning for the seating to fit 50-60 customers, aiming to launch and be fully set up towards the end of June.

Porta have an instagram established for their upcoming Salford branch, where updates will be posted on their development.

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