Salford Tesco Extra has helped to raise money and food donations for the community.

The monthly incentive has allowed Tesco nationally to give families 46 million meals since the campaign, started in 2012 working with two organisations, Fare Share and The Trussell Trust.

Fare Share works with other supermarkets such as Asda to redistributes surplus food to charities that turn it into meals.

The Tesco scheme encourages customers to donate long-life food to charity.

With many people on social media admitting to not using food banks, there is still awareness to be raised.

Long-life food such as tinned produce, honey, sugar, salt, rice and other long lasting items are highly appreciated at all donation spots.

As they help to bridge the gap between homelessness and poverty, donations are sourced through shoppers’ donations and are dispersed throughout the community.  

Salford Tesco Extra advertising the success of their food and donation pledge and encouraging customers to take part.

The Tesco scheme helps the Trussell Trust to run 428 food banks across the UK.

Specifically, the Salford project aids people in crisis using referral systems whereby GPs, social workers and  schools make the organisation aware of individuals needs whether that be lack of food or safe living conditions.

With the help of Greater Manchester Police and other local charities, the Trussell Trust makes sure that all of the food is donated to those in needs and funds are used to help continue their work.

People are given the vouchers in more than 100 different locations across the community and they are redeemable at the food banks.


Every year the Salford food banks hosts the ‘Neighbourhood Food Collection’. A big drive over a weekend from Thursday-Saturday where volunteers set up stalls in Salford Tesco and Cheetham Hill Tesco to ask for donations of food and money on behalf of the charity.

“We have permanent collection points in Salford and Cheetham hill Tesco that are emptied every week and every month we submit the weight (of the food we have collected) to Trussell trust. Tesco then contribute 20% more to the food bank.” Martyn Gledhill, Food Bank Co-ordinator.

The money that the food bank gets though donations is used for food when they are too short on produce to be able to help all of the people and families in need. Fortunately, this ‘rarely’ happens and the organisations are able to continue helping on a large scale.

After that it is used for general admin costs as they receive little financial support outside of the church where they are based.

“We have a great relationship with the Salford store, more than a business relationship,” Mr Gledhill said.

Using social media such as Facebook, the food bank raises awareness of its work and shows people where their local food bank is and how they can help/get involved.

If you would like to get in touch with Salford Food Bank you can call them on 01616374500, or email at 

The Trussell Trust website provides more information on its work, how to get involved and how to make a donation. Email them at or call them on 01722 580180.

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