ANIMAL lovers – under the banner of Boycott Dogs4Us – demonstrated outside a Salford pet dealership as part of their campaign to end the sale of puppies from a Salford pet dealer.

Boycott Dogs4Us held a demonstration outside the Salford branch of puppy warehouse Dogs4Us to campaign for Lucy’s Law which would ban the sale of puppies in pet shops and through third party dealers.

The Salford branch, on Agecroft Road, is half demolished as it has planning permission to change its use into a builder’s yard, but it is still trading.

The Lucy’s Law campaign by CARIAD, Lisa Garner and vet Marc Abraham, currently has more than 100,000 signatures on an online petition.

As a result of this, the law is set to be debated in parliament next month.

TV Vet Marc Abraham said:

“I’m proud to fully support Boycott Dogs4Us.

This shocking investigation showed very clearly that licensed puppy dealers such as puppy superstore Dogs4Us should not be in operation; as being a third party seller they provide an outlet for irresponsibly bred pups as well as encouraging impulse purchases.”

The company was featured on Channel 5 and Sky News in 2009 for sourcing puppies from puppy mills that continue to breed dogs in terrible conditions.

Aran Mathai, Chairman and Founder of Boycott Dogs4Us said:

”Boycott Dogs4Us is pleased to be backing the Lucy’s Law campaign to end the sale of puppies in pet shops and by third party dealers. Pet Shops that sell puppies, such as Dogs4Us, are simply a front for puppy farms.

”Only the worst breeders sell their dogs to pet shops for resale and this is reflected in the health of the puppies sold via these outlets.”

It was again exposed in 2016 by the BBC Panorama.

Dogs4Us has been accused of
  • Selling seriously ill dogs
  • Buying from cruel puppy farms
  • Selling untraceable dogs from unlicensed breeders

Customers have reported that they have had to spend thousands on vets bills due to their puppy suffering from sickness or even dying not long after being purchased.

The BBC claimed Dogs4Us, which also has a branch in Leeds, regularly buys puppies under eight weeks old, which is considered too young to be separated from their mother.

Luke Beevers, of Boycott Dogs4Us, discussed the proposed Lucy’s Law:

”It’s a law to ban the third party sale of puppies, which means puppies sold in pet shops and other third party dealers such as online.

”People would then have to go direct to the breeder or rescue organisation, and if they go to the breeder they can see the conditions in which puppies are bred.

”People have no idea what conditions puppies are bred in because all they see is the conditions in the store.

”So they don’t know whether their mothers and fathers are languishing in these horrible puppy farms.

”We’ve been campaigning for Lucy’s Law for about six years  now, along with our friends at PupAid and CARIAD.

”We are getting closer to our goal, but we’ve got to keep on campaigning.”

To support the campaign sign the online petition here

For more information about Boycott Dogs4Us click here 

Dogs4Us was contacted for a comment but has not responded to the campaign.

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