The revival of Claremont Community centre is continuing as the committee aim to reach their £50,000 target.

The campaign for the Claremont revival began in February last year as the community centre had been out of use for over three years.

Committee member Stef Lorenz explained: “Three years ago the youth service was rationalised and they pulled the youth worker out of that service. As a consequence of that the building wasn’t used so the council just boarded it up”.

Since then the roof has been badly damaged with water pouring in over the past three years.

The building is located on Kings Street in Salford and was formerly known as the Height Library.

The need for a community centre has become apparent to the local people of Claremont as they don’t have a space to call their own for their various societies.

Lorenz added: “At the moment we use the churches, but there isn’t really any sort of none church space at all. And all of the churches are vastly oversubscribed as it is, with people who want to use their facilities. We just haven’t got enough facilities”.

Currently every Saturday at De La Salle Sports and social club there is an art auction exhibition. At this exhibition various artist’s work is displayed from around the Salford/Manchester area. The work is available to buy with proceeds going towards the restoration fund.

At the auction full colour A5 greetings cards are also available to buy. The greetings cards include a picture of the Height Library and are available for £3 each. All proceeds also go to the Claremont Community Centre campaign.

So far the campaign has raised almost £500 via their just giving page.

On the 1st May the committee are hosting an Art auction awards night at De La Salle Sports and social club to raise further funds for the campaign. Tickets are priced at £5 with various entertainment on offer such as music, buffets and a bar.

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