Salford based producer Litek says, ‘he made the track about 3 years ago’ and that ‘he always say the potential to become more than just an instrumental.’

He said, “To be honest man, it was the label that made it happen. They saw it as more of a pop record and they made it happen.”

Litek and Big Tobz both star in the video where they worked with local producer KC Locke and Clash Productions. He said, “I’ve known him for just over a year now, he’s done a few videos for artists who I’ve worked with and I think it was the right time that we came together.

“I gave him a vague outline of what I wanted and he picked it up and went with it, so I’m really happy with how it turned out.” He added. The music video hit 43,000 views on Grime Daily 

The house track was previously released as an instrumental back in July however Litek teamed up with grime artist Big Tobz to release a full version a week ago,

Since then, Atlanta has received massive support from DJ’s across the industry, including from BBC Radio 1’s MistaJam who made hit his JamHot of the week saying that ‘he loves the fact that the track blends trap and house.’

Litek said, “MistaJam’s the guy man, he gives me so much support and honestly it means the world to me.” He has also worked with the likes Azealia Banks and Tom Zanetti.

Going also under the name of Renko, he has lots of new music out in the next 12 months including an EP with fellow Manchester DJ collective under Jame Jones’ label Hot Trax this Friday. 

He said, “I enjoy making lots of music, and at the minute I’m really enjoying that particular underground paradise sort of house. So I thought working with the Mason boys it was the right time to make a new alias because I really wanted to release that sort of music.” 

Atlanta is now available on all streaming platforms.

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