Coming to MediaCity running through November 22nd through to January 6th is the attraction Walking With The Snowman.

This exhibition features 12 unique snowmen designed around the 12 days of Christmas coming from the artists who created the cities Bee in The City Trail.

This festival also celebrates the 40th anniversary of the original release of The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.

The snowmen will then be auctioned off and proceeds will go towards Children in Need.

Julie Gaskell, head in partnerships for Wild and Art said: “It’s really good we’re working with Children in Need, especially due to the fact the event is to do with both children and Christmas.”

Children will create their own smaller one-meter sculptures to go alongside the artists 165cm high sculptures, these will be displayed in various leisure venues across MediaCity between early December to 13th January.

One of the artists featured at the events, Lois Cordelia was painting the 12 Pipers Piping snowman. This is the first snowman to be worked on and is currently being displayed at the BBC Dock House building.

Lois explained: “It came out the year I was born in 1982, and it was one of the very few films I did see as a child. I love it because it’s wordless, the only words in The Snowman are the words of the song, so it’s very special and very moving.”

Lois is no stranger to painting the snowmen as her work in Ashford Kent is on display through the painting of her snow dogs and has done art freelance for about four years now.

Her style is mostly live painting, which means she paints on location rather than in the studio.

Lois said: “my studio happens to be wherever I am on any particular day.

“I work quickly and use a big brush, my snowman today uses lots of colours marveled together to create the Northern Lights, lots of iridescent colours. The black silhouettes on top of that I’ve done with a very neat sort of black outline and filled them in with black paint. I love the fairy-tale feel of it.”

For more information visit the Walking With The Snowman website now.

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