Yesterday volunteers from Salford set out to clear the seasonal pond on The Crescent Meadow across the bridge from Peel Park.

Salford has an area of greenspace equivalent to the size of 800 rugby fields and all of this greenspace needs to be regularly maintained and managed.

Nowadays many operatives are responsible for several parks across the borough and Salford Rangers are increasingly relying on volunteers from the community to help give all of the parks and greenspaces the attention they need.

In an earlier interview, Alistair Cooke, Senior Ranger at Salford City Council, explained that as a result of decreasing resources “it’s about volunteers from the community turning out and saying

“‘I want to keep the standard of the park, I remember what it used to be like and I’ll come out and do a bit.’”

Volunteering also has positive effects on the mental health and the overall fitness of the individual.

Larry Pecenkus, who has volunteered for 8 years, said: “I find it [volunteering] very invigorating, I like being out in the open air, it gets me fitter. It just makes me generally a better person.”

The Salford Rangers are always looking to recruit more volunteers to help them to look after Salford’s greenspaces. The next volunteer session at Peel Park will be on December 5.

To get involved with volunteer work at other parks across Salford keep an eye on the Salford Ranger’s Facebook and Twitter pages. 

As well as volunteering, Salford Rangers host a number of other events in parks across Salford including mindfulness walks, health walks, bat walks and much more.

Take a look at the map to see some of the parks across Salford that have opportunities for volunteering.

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