A road closure in Wallness Lane took place today at 1pm, as a big tree split, leaving the road to be dangerous.

Wallness Lane, by the University of Salford, was closed between the hours of 1pm and 3pm. No passersby were injured in the events.

Salford City Council were swift in cordoning off the road and the University issued a statement regarding the road closure to make others aware.

This resulted in many students and residents being seperated from their cars as well as derouting their walks home. The closure was only for 2 hours, but drew many furious reactions.

A student was seen in a confrontation with a member of the University of Salford, as they attempted to pass through barriers without permission. The altercation left the member of staff on the floor, and was aided by fellow students who further attempted to catch the attacker.

A second year student commented: “It was such an overreaction and wasn’t needed, the university should definitely take action.”

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