Salford Christmas

Lark Hill Place, situated in Salford Museum and Art Gallery, is a re-creation of a northern Victorian Street, but it has adapted to fit a 1918 theme for their Christmas experience.

The creation was constructed by the museum as a response to a lot of rebuild projects that were happening after the second world war.

The street containing shops, houses, a chemist and pub is set on a dark winters night when street gas lamps would have just been lit.

“This year is the first year Lark Hill Place has ever changed its setting” said Edward Hurst, programming and events officer for the museum.

“It has been brought forward in time through funding from the Lottery Heritage Fund, so we have been able to change it into the last year of the first world war.”

All of the items in Lark Hill Place come from the museums social history collection, most of which has been given to them by Salford residents.

“Every shop that you see, all of them were actually in Salford, even the signage has been kept the same.

“People come and visit and recognise things and names from Salford from the past.”

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During 1950 to 1960, objects such as toys and Christmas cards that were used during the suited time period were given to the museum.

But one of the museum’s most prized possession is an original sash from the suffragette movement.

“It is great for people who are looking to see what Salford would have been like in 1918.”

Lark Hill Place’s 1918 Christmas project takes place up until December 23 and is free to the public.


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