National charity Breakthrough UK wants to help women with disabilities become more involved in politics.

The Women’s Vote Centenary project is designed to break down barriers that can restrict disabled women from getting involved in politics.

The charity help with aspects such as travel and campaigning costs as well giving them opportunity to shadow, and become interns with current women MPs and elected officials.

Thanks to a grant from the Government Equalities Office, the charity is able to launch this project to support disabled women who are interested in taking part in political life.

Fundraising Officer Sam Johnson said: “Disabled women still find it difficult to vote 100 years on and to get involved with campaigning.

“Currently disabled women face a double glazed ceiling so do not have much of a chance to get their voices heard. With this project we’re aiming to get at least 30 women in total taking part with the hope it will lead to political participation.”

“Its important that disabled women are represented and for their priorities to be heard alongside everyone else.”

The charity attended an event hosted by the Working Class Movement library in Salford yesterday was about women who said yes to politics.

The event spoke about the different situations these women faced when standing for Parliament and why they got involved with politics.

Tracey who is a volunteer at the library said: “The event is about women who have stood for parliament over the past 100 years who people may not have heard about.

“We looked into these women and discussed how most of these women came second when running for parliament and how hardly any of them came first”

The project focuses on Salford, Stockport and Trafford as these areas have low female representation in the council.

Sam Johnson said: “We chose to focus on these areas as there was little female MPs elected compared to other areas in Greater Manchester.”

Breakthrough will run a series of workshops to develop understanding of disabled suffragettes, role models and activists and skills.

The project runs until February and the charity hopes that in the long term it will increase their confidence and break down some of the barriers faced by disabled women.

For more information on the charity click here.

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