The former manager of The Fall is calling on Salford residents to oppose plans to build on the park where he used to go with his father as a boy.


Reminiscing, Ed Blaney urged protestors to stand their ground against development plans for Buile Hill Park.

Back in May 2018, the original plan to build on the park failed. There were 3,000 signatures, opposed to the idea, on the last petition.

Mr Blaney disagreed with the proposal. He described the matter as something that would ‘absolutely kill the community and destroy the park.’

Ed is also the lead singer in the band, Blaney.

The 50-year-old singer/songwriter said: “As soon as you’re in that park or any park, you have a feeling of calm. That would go, it would no longer be a park. It’s the centre of Salford and it’s the heart of the city, and events as well, it would kill off events. Every event would have to be compromised.”

He gave an account of his childhood memories from the park: “For me, it’s my favourite place in Salford since I was a kid. I used to go there with all my family and used to love the long walks there with my dad.

“It was only a 10 minute walk from where we lived but it felt like ages, it felt great. It was like a treat.”

Salford City Council have also made a statement saying, they ‘are not planning to build on Buile Hill park, this is a specific proposal from a developer as part of ideas to save the mansion.’

Ed added how at the meeting the plans are, to build ‘up to 60 houses.’

The Salford born expressed: “I think the council are fully aware the feeling against it. But people like me, who are passionate about Salford, we’ll mobilise and do whatever it takes to really bring this back to a close, once and for all whether it’s putting on events, highlight it, collect signatures, I’m sure that’s quite easily done with todays technology.”

The father-of-five also raised his children in Salford and explained how they all spent special moments together in that particular park.

“I’m going to oppose, along with others, the last petition was over 3,000 [signitures]. There is a group that’s working very hard, acting a plan, money’s tight. But I think with the will of the people we could easily turn this around.

“Loads of people have suggested similar things, what I say is; have the mansion restored so it’s a community hub, with a function room for weddings because people need the place to get married in the city. It’s right in the heart of the park.”

Mr Blanely encourages the community to ‘get behind and support and work together as a wider community.’

We are still waiting for a comment from the City Mayor, Paul Dennett and the developer.

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