Winners of Miss Uganda UK 2018/19

Salford’s own Miss Uganda UK has begun a campaign to raise funds for the Salama School for the Blind in Uganda.

Peninah Wampamba, a student nurse at the University of Salford, won the title in September and is now going back to her home town in Uganda to “reconnect with her roots and make a difference”.

She is also planning to raise money for the Gombe Hospital, a medical facility in her grandfather’s village, where she was born.

Miss Uganda UK campaign
Miss Uganda UK campaign

Miss Uganda UK is a competition which celebrates Ugandans across the United Kingdom, and aims to connect contestants to their culture and help them discover who they are.

The competition encourages contestants to build their own confidence and to give back to a charitable cause by carrying out difference campaigns.

Miss Wampamba is travelling to Uganda for two weeks in March 2019, and is hoping to reach her target of £5000 for the two causes.

She said: “When we were doing our campaign, we had to represent a village, and I was representing Gombe, which is where my dad’s side of the family come from. I want go to back and give back. I haven’t grown up there so I would like to discover myself. I haven’t been for four years, so it’ll be nice to experience Uganda as an adult.

I feel like I will be learning so much about myself and I will be able to reconnect with my culture and background as well as give back to the people of the community. I am really excited to go back and build my contacts too”.

Miss Wampamba wants to start her own charity when she graduates, with a degree in children’s nursing, in July, so hopes to network and connect with as many people as possible.

Since beginning the campaign, she has raised £610 out of the £5000 target, and has received donations such as books to take with her on her journey.

She is collecting items that she can take with her to Uganda to give to the students in the school.

She said: “It would be nice if people donate books, clothing, sanitary products, bed sheets, shoes and medical sunglasses. I would appreciate thing that is given, the more the better and the bigger the impact we can have. I am working with the Royal National Institute for blind people and they have donated some books to me. There is a lot of them and I will be taking them with me when I go back to Uganda next year”.

Books donated by RINB
Books donated by RINB

Anyone who wishes to learn more about Miss Wampamba’s campaign can find out further details or donate to the campaign should visit:

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