Is a normal night out not enjoyable for you anymore? A lot of women also feel the same, which is why they have set up Dance yourself Dizzy.

Dance yourself Dizzy is an event organised by women, for only women. It is intended for those people who no longer enjoy having to travel into Manchester for a night out or who may not particularly enjoy the music played in a normal nightclub.

Launched in May, Dance yourself Dizzy is an event that happens every other month and the first three have been a great success.

DJ at Dance Yourself Dizzy as the evening is starting.

The idea to create the event emerged last year. Some of the organisers went away for a night to Harrogate which had been organised by the WI, the National Federation of Women’s Institutes.

After enjoying the night of dancing until 4 am, they decided they wanted to do it more often and make it accessible to more women in Salford.

The organisers applied for funding from Ambition for Aging to help them with kick starting the event. Enabling them to rent a room for the event and create advertising to spread the word.

Around 60 to 70 women have attended each event so far to have a dance, a good time and have a pasty at 9pm to refuel.

The most recent event in November was held at The Moorlands Sports and Social club on Liverpool Street which was the first time they managed to sell out of tickets for the event.

One of the organisers Emma Smith said: “It doesn’t take that much to organise it, it’s a bit on Facebook.

“So, for a tiny bit of work we get a really good night out and we get to meet lots of lovely ladies.”

Intended to be a place that ladies are able to go on their own without feeling intimidated, a whole range of ages attending, varying from early 20s up to 80 years old.

Emma told us: “It totally changes it by making it women only. There is a lady called Sandra that lives close and she’s 80.

“She came with us to Harrogate and she really liked dancing, but she said she doesn’t get to go dancing anymore.

“It doesn’t really matter what age you are its about do you love dancing, well just come here”.

When speaking of setting up the events, Emma said: “We found a female DJ who was DJing with her husband who did nights in Salford, but she wasn’t really DJing she was just doing a bit of the set.

“This was the first time she had stepped out and actually done it all by herself.

“So, she has cut her teeth with us which is really nice”.

Diane Critchley fellow organiser of Dance yourself Dizzy said: “The first time we did it, we handed out little post-its and said tell us what you thought or suggest what you think we should do.

“And somebody wrote ‘best moment of the night, dance floor full of women who have never met before all singing I Will Survive’.”

The next Dance yourself Dizzy event will be held on January 25th, to buy you ticket and find out more visit their Facebook page.

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