As part of the #SittingRightWithYou campaign, the iconic yellow sofa came to Salford Precinct today, with the hope of raising awareness of domestic abuse and where victims can receive support.

Roselyn Baker, local authority lead for domestic abuse, said: “Some of the old imagery of domestic abuse is a woman with a black eye, so this campaign is wider than that.

“Things like, checking your partners’ phone all the time, or saying they’re not going out to see their friends too much – it’s not always about violence.”

The campaign aims to ensure that the public can spot the signs of domestic abuse, as it is not all physical. Mental and emotional abuse are a major part of domestic abuse that also have a deep impact upon the victim.

You can found out more about the campaign in the video, below:

The campaign helps both men and women who are experiencing abuse or can advise family and friends of people who suspect abuse is taking place.

Councillor David Lancaster, a lead member for environment and community safety,  said: “It can happen to anyone and, sadly, in Salford, there seems to be a culture of acceptance of it.

“Very often family and friends know it’s going on but don’t know what help is available so they try to protect the victim instead of approaching the authorities.”

National statistics show that six in every 100 adults are likely to have experienced domestic abuse, with women twice as likely to be victims than men. The problem is hugely under-reported and Salford City Council’s campaign aims to encourage more people to come forward.


Anybody who missed the yellow sofa, whilst it was at Salford, can get help from Salford Women’s Aid, which helps both women and men.

In addition, you can call Salford Women’s Aid Helpline on 0161 793 3232 Monday to Friday 1pm to 4pm or the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Helpline – Freephone 0808 2000 247. Please call 999 if you are in immediate danger.

View the map below to locate and contact services in Salford, who can help with domestic abuse.

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