Salford Psychology and Criminology student, Ellis Martin, is fundraising for a trip to Uganda in August 2019.

The trip, called the ‘Develop with dignity’ project, entails supplying the Ugandan women and girls with the education and supplies they need.

“This will empower them so they can finally escape the circle of poverty”.

This includes sexual education, STI testing for HIV/AIDS, family planning and contraception, sanitary products and underwear so they no longer have to miss out on school because they don’t have the basic supplies they require.

21-year-old Ellis is raffling off numbers on a card for £1.50 each for a chance to win £20 cash for the winner.

Many of the girls in Uganda are forced to not participate in sports or physical activities because of the lack of suitable clothing and equipment for them to wear. This means they simply don’t get the exercise and social interaction they need to develop.

However, with the help of Ellis and the other Salford students, she says the help they are going to provide, “will empower them so they can finally escape the circle of poverty”.


Finding out about this trip via Salford University, Ellis explains this is something she has always wanted to do. Ellis will join members of the University of Salford and Teams4u charity group in supplying the vital supplies and help to the rural Kumi district in Uganda.

“I found out about it just by email, the uni is really good at communicating via email and I came across the information about the 2019 trip that Heath Sciences students could go on.

Seeing as it’s my last year and I would have just graduated, it seemed like a great experience and something I’ve always wanted to do. I do a lot of charity work anyway and I just love the feeling of helping others, it’s so humbling!

This trip is like a once in a life time experience for me”.

Ellis is more than acquainted with charity work, as this December she was fundraising for care packages for the homeless in Manchester, Liverpool and also Newcastle. These care packages included coats, blankets, toiletries and food for the homeless.

Charity group Teams4u that will also visit Uganda for the trip, say the project has seen a 40% increase in girls attending school through provision of reproductive education, underwear and menstrual products.

You can donate on their website here.

The trip includes activities such as attending a local school to partner with the Ugandan team, a visit to a local church in Mukongoro and finally a social BBQ to wind down.

You can donate to Ellis’ JustGiving page here.

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