Salford Red Devils star, Joey Lussick says the ‘immense’ involvement with Salford University will increase the amount of young people involved with sports.

Lussick, rugby player for Salford Red Devils explained to Salford Now that the partnership between the league and Salford University is important in getting more people involved with sports.

Salford Red Devils are getting involved with young people and are now offering Salford University students discounted tickets to their St Helens fixture on Thursday February 28.

Joey said: “Since I’ve been at the club for a short time, the partnership has been immense.

“We have students coming in learning physical therapy, media students and one of our own staff members is doing a degree too.

“With word of mouth, the more people involved with any sport and any club is going to increase numbers.”

Salford University will be hosting a ‘Takeover Day’ whereby students from the university will be getting involved, assisting during the match day.

Salford University’s very own Shock Radio students will be building up the atmosphere at the game while providing a live commentary as well as post-match player interviews.

Alongside the radio students, Salford University journalism students will be assisting with official match day communications and operations – allowing them to gain more hands-on experience in the journalism field.

Joey explained that, not only is the partnership between Salford University and Salford Red Devils important – but so is getting more young people involved in sports.

He said: “You want kids being active and healthy, not just with rugby but any sport in general.

“They’re the future talent, not just for league but for any sport – kids are the ones who are annoying their parents to play football and play soccer.

“They’re the ones investing into the game as well, in terms of cost and future star players.”

Joey spoke about the partnership, explaining how it’s a great experience for young people to get involved with and spread the word.

The sports star is originally from Freshwater, New South Wales, Australia and has been playing for Salford Red Devils since 2018. He takes on the position of the ‘hooker’ for the team.

Joey is the younger brother of former Sea Eagles teammate, Darcy Lussick, and son of former Sea Eagles player, Jason Lussick.

He said: “Being from Australia, it’s a pretty big country for sport – my older brother, my dad, we’ve been football orientated our whole lives.

“From a young age, it’s what you want to grow up and do from where I was coming from, so I don’t see how it could be different for any other kid growing up.”

During the Takeover it’s not all work no play, the University’s band will be entertaining the fans pre-game and there will be a crossbar challenge at half time between Salford Red Devils supporters and the University’s Rugby League team.

Salford Red Devils Director, Paul King said: “To have a strong working relationship with Salford University is fantastic and this ‘Takeover Day’ is the perfect opportunity for us to display this wonderful partnership.

“This day will allow a number of the University’s students get involved with a game day, whether that be offering assistance to the operations, entertainment or just coming and experiencing their first-ever Rugby League game.

“We’ve been working really hard on improving the match day experience at the AJ Bell Stadium, and offering a partner such as Salford University a ‘Takeover Day’ will only help us with this and I’m hoping all the students and staff of Salford University as well as the Salford Red Devils fans support the occasion.”

The partnership will not only benefit students in giving them discounted tickets, but it is also allowing them to have first-hand experience of what it is like working in the industry.

The student Takeover will take place on Thursday February 28, during the evening as Salford Red Devils face Saints.

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