With news that the former government homelessness tsar has praised Greater Manchester’s approach to tackling the issue, we look at four ways you can help tackled homelessness in Salford.

Dame Louise Casey says the city-region is shining a spotlight on ‘cracks in the system’ amid a lack of an overall approach from Westminster.

However the number of rough sleepers on the streets of Salford rose from seven, five years ago, to 49 in 2017.

So what services are in place for those in need? And how can we do our part? Here are four ways that you can help tackle homelessness in Salford.

The Alchemist, MediaCity UK

The Alchemist, announced their fight against local food poverty in collaboration with Foodinate. This means that if you order either the Duck Gyoza or the Keralan Curry, a hot nourishing meal will be provided to someone in need. While you are enjoying your meal, you will be doing your part towards helping others who are not as fortunate.

The Alchemist, MediaCity UK.

The Salvation Army Clothing Banks

The Salvation Army offer clothing banks where you can donate your unwanted clothes and shoes to those in need. From my own experience, I know that I could donate at least 40% of the clothes in my wardrobe right now, and still have plenty of outfits to do me. So imagine if everyone donated even one pair of jeans and one top every couple of months, the difference we could make could be huge. Its pure laziness on my behalf and I’m sure plenty of other people feel the same. A list of drop off locations around Salford can be found here.

Salvation Army Clothing Bank

Abbott Lodge

Along with having clothing and shoe banks, The Salvation Army (SAHA), Abbott Lodge built Abbott Lodge in 2011 which offers 10 resettlement flats and 10 assessment rooms. It was designed to support individuals experiencing homelessness. Although the accommodation is only offered for 6-8 week periods, the keyworkers work quickly with the individuals to secure longer term accommodation.

The local council and government have been working for years, and will be for the foreseeable future, but they are still coming up with new initiatives to try get a grasp on the issue.

A Bed Every Night Scheme

This scheme was introduced in November where it aimed to provide a bed for those in need every night, although that doesn’t come without its hiccups. Labour Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham recently responded to a tweet where someone asked what could be done to help, by saying that they needed ‘support to be extended beyond April’.

More than 900 people have been helped by this scheme across all 10 boroughs in Manchester, where they have gotten support from ABEN’s warm and safe accommodation. On February 17, the latest weekly report for the Bed Every Night scheme was released where it showed that 229 overall individuals had been accommodated in Salford.



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