Image from the boutiques previous fashion show: permission to use by the Pink Butterfly Boutique and photographer Richard Carroll.

A Worsley shopkeeper is hosting a fundraising fashion show next month, alongside Salford City Radio and Dancing with Dementia, to help raise money for the two organisations.

Wendy Hewitt, from the Pink Butterfly Boutique clothing brand, said: “I live in Worsley so always support our charities close to home, I was brought up in Salford and like to put back where we can.

“Dancing with Dementia we have supported for the last two years, it’s an amazing charity, one of few charities we support.”

Dancing with Dementia is a social and entertainment group for people living with dementia, along with their family, friends and carers. Each month, they host an event at the Grand Palais in Swinton.

Lesley Fisher, a volunteer from the group, said: “Isolation, loneliness and depression can be part of the cause of many conditions including dementia. Many carers become isolated when they care for their loved ones and may lose contact with family and friends due to those commitments.

“Dancing with Dementia offers the opportunity to meet up with friends and make new friends in a place where guests, friends and volunteers can support and show empathy to the guests.”

She added: “I am secondary carer for my sister. This gives me first hand experience of the condition and makes me aware of the need to make as many memories as possible. Trying to achieve as many life ambitions has prompted many ideas for days out and fund raising ideas.

“Meeting up with Wendy from Pink Butterfly helped my ambition. I always wanted to be a model…with Wendy’s expert eye and clothes to suit my shape I overcame my nerves a strutted my stuff for the show.”

Dancing with Dementia is supported by fundraising and donations, and last September, they took part in a fundraising fashion show alongside the Pink Butterfly Boutique. Lesley said: “The Fashion Show in September raised more than £500 and allowed us to subsidise a trip to Leighton Hall in Cumbria for 55 guests.

Lesley Fisher from September’s fashion show with Pink Butterfly Boutique. Permission to use by Lesley and Richard Carroll.

“We had afternoon tea, a tour of the house and a sing a long of festive sings fueled by mulled wine…treat trips give our guests something to look forward to, enjoy on the day and create memories.”

Whilst describing her experience with Dancing with Dementia, she added: “I am constantly amazed by the people I have met. Ordinary people doing a fantastic job in the community. I am proud to walk beside them on my dementia journey.”


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Lesley also discussed future plans for the organisation: “Jill (from Salford City Radio) contacted me last year with an idea for a series about dementia and we were happy to help. The show is currently in the planning stage and is to be aired later in the year.”

The fashion show on April 5 begins at 7.30pm at Swinton Park Golf Club, with tickets available for £5 from Lesley directly, or they can be collected from the Hug in a Mug cafe in Worsley.

Clothing and accessories from the Pink Butterfly Boutique that will feature at the fashion show: permission given to use by boutique.

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  1. I am proud to support this group every month and at most fundraising events they hold
    I am Walkden Tesco community champion and love serving tea and dancing along with the guests at the social dance my name is Elaine Fox

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