A school uniform exchange scheme has been launched by The Launch Project to help Salford parents’ financial burdens.

The cost of providing each child with new school uniforms is set to increase by 7% per year on an annual basis.

The Launch Project was founded in 2012 and aims to create a “healthier, happier community” that washes, irons and prepares all items free of charge.

Items in good condition have been donated by schools and parents whose children no longer require.

Natalie Lek, founder of The Launch Project, “There are two things wrong with the situation with school uniforms, firstly the ever-rising cost of school uniform and the fact that children grow at a fast rate, they’re sooner out of them as they are in them.

“We should be recycling uniform if we can do that we can lower financial hardship for families and lower the waste that goes to the landfill as well.

“Salford is one of the most deprived areas so having somewhere were people can access uniforms which would help with finances is definitely going to have a positive impact on the city.”

According to their website “We are passionate about supporting the most vulnerable in society, with over 10 years experience across our team we keep in contact with the community to ensure we offer support where it is needed the most.

The Uniform Xchange offers an alternative solution to the rising cost while reducing the amount of clothing sent to the landfills in the Greater Manchester areas.

With the average total cost of £340.00 per child per year, families with more than one child often struggle with the provision of adequate uniforms.

It advises a donation of no less than £1 per item and families need to register with the project to benefit.

To see what uniform is currently available to see their website.

The launch project is always creating projects to help others, Natalie Lek Founder of The Launch Project explains, “We are also launching a mobile food pantry this week, we are also working in partnership with a number of schools, we also have many social events that we hold on a monthly basis such as helping homelessness and loneliness.

“There is quite a few things that we’ve got coming up in the near future.”



The Launch Project charity work with all schools in Salford and the surrounding areas, if you cannot see your school listed please email partners@thelaunchproject.org for more details.

For more information on the Uniform Xchange project see The Launch Projects Facebook page, or follow #LaunchMCR on Twitter.

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