Unbeknown to most Salford residents, the city is home to three locations with dark and grisly claims to be haunted.

Here is the definitive list of Salford’s spookiest sites to date.

3. Wardley Hall

Wardley Hall was one of the few locations to be featured in the Domesday book, a survey taken out by King William the Conqueror in 1086 to ensure that all of England’s residents were accounted for.

But not only is Wardley Hall a historical landmark, it is also home to one of Greater Manchester’s most popular urban legends.

Known as the ‘Skull House’, the hall is accommodation for the Roman Catholic Bishops of Salford as well as the haunted remains of Father Ambrose Barlow.

Once a crime to be a Priest, King Charles I passed a law that stated all those within the Catholic Church are to flee England or be sentenced to death. This ended the life of Father Ambrose Barlow, who was hung, drawn and quatered, with his final remnants boiled in oil at Lancaster Castle. His skull however is rumored to have been retrieved by Barlow’s cousin Francis Downes, the Lord of Wardley Hall and returned back to Salford.

Legend says that every time anyone attempted to bury the skull within the grounds, it would refuse its burial site and appear in random locations across the hall.

When it was attempted to vanquish the spirit and the skull was thrown into the moat, a terrible storm occurred across Salford- resulting in the moat being drained and the skull retrieved yet again.

The skull is now located at the top of the main staircase which it has stayed for many years, and according to English Folklore is classed as a ‘screaming skull’.

2. Coronation Street Set (Salford Quays)

Ever since Coronation Street’s set was moved from Granada in 2013 to Media City, cast and crew have reported supernatural occurrences across the set.

These claims include ‘bad luck’ and repeated mishaps and confusions whilst filming, as well as unusual periods of illness breaking out within central characters of the soap.

The rumored haunting has appeared to lose the set a significant amount of work, allegedly including the cancelled filming of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton’s live haunted episode of Inside No.9 in 2018, which received huge critical success at which a haunted set was a focal point.

Cast have allegedly turned the haunting into an inside joke of sorts, claiming that the set is ‘cursed’ when mistakes are made.

It appears however that paranormal occurrences seem to follow Coronation Street, after the old set at Granada had to be exorcised by a Catholic Priest after repeated poltergeist attacks, unknown noises and equipment mysteriously blowing up.

1. Ordsall Hall

Arguably considered as one of Greater Manchester’s best known haunts, Ordsall Hall is one of the oldest and most historical structures in Salford.

First recorded in 1177 and later turned into a manor in 1355- the Tudor mansion was a rumored conference location for Guy Fawkes and Robert Catesby when planning the Gunpowder plot.

Ordsall Hall however is home to more than one ghost, its best known being the ‘White Lady’ who is most commonly spotted in the Star Chamber and is rumored to be Lady Margaret Radclyffe who passed away in 1959. Although her cause of death is not confirmed, some say that it is due to her heartbreak after her brother’s death. The White Lady has been spotted numerous times and is said to silently roam the halls with a candle in hand.

Another ghost who wanders the manor is known as ‘Sir John’, whom is presumed to be Sir John Radclyffe- an ex resident of the house who inherited the building in 1354. Sir John is reported to make most of his appearances around females and is also located most commonly within the Star Chamber.

The Manor additionally has some younger supernatural lodgers. A younger girl known only as ‘Cecily’ appears mainly when large groups of children visit for school trips. She also lets her presence known to visitors by leaving a strong, sweet scent of roses behind her.

The building is so famous for its paranormal activity it has received media attention for its stories, and was featured on paranormal programme Most Haunted in 2004. The team even revisited in 2014 to host an exclusive paranormal investigation night.

Unlike the other two buildings on the list, Ordsall Hall is open to the public for paranormal investigations, streaming a live cam from 5pm to 8am every single night for the public to keep watch for any potential spooky happenings. The Hall is also open for bookings for Halloween events.

Will you be brave enough to visit one of these haunted spots this Halloween?

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