James Harrison, The Salford Rum Company

The Salford Rum Company has changed the way their bottles are produced to help reduce plastic waste during production.

The Leigh-born distillers are reducing the amount of plastic waste by introducing screen-printing to their ceramic bottles.

James Harrison, 32, co-founded The Salford Rum Company alongside childhood friend, Tommy Gaughan, 31, in late 2018.

Mr Harrison said: “Myself and Tommy would sit in the distillery emptying plain bottles and labeling a thousand at a time.

“Now you get a really good product, no labels coming off or air bubbles.”

They both have plans to make the production and distribution of their bottles more eco-friendly.

Mr Harrison said: “we’re really keen on reducing plastic waste and looking at options going forward to get our rum in an eco-store.”

The Salford Rum Company celebrates the imports and the people of Salford docks through the flavours of their various spirits.

The rum is distilled in small batches, infused with various fruits and spices then filtered into ceramic bottles.

A screen-printed illustration of the old Salford docks designed by local artist, Dave Draws, appears on every bottle.

Mr Harrison said: “We wanted to release something where people could find an alternative to the supermarket staples. Hopefully our new product, the dark spice rum, will rival them products and give people a local alternative.”

Their dark spice rum blends flavours of vanilla, burnt caramel and cloves to create a heavier, darker spirit than their others.

Their spirits are for sale on Market Street as part of the Manchester Christmas Markets.

James and Tommy co-founded The Salford Rum Company just over a year ago and recently won the Rising Star Award at the 2019 Salford Business Awards.

Mr Harrison said: “It’s amazing for us, we’re two lads who set up a business fourteen months ago still working full-time jobs, now we’ve built a brand that’s known across the country.”

But for James and Tommy it all comes back to helping the local community.

In 2019, The Salford Rum Company released a limited-edition Pride bottle to help fund Salford Pride events.

The Salford Rum Company are having a new charity partnership next year with Salford Lads Club.

Mr Harrison said: “Salford Lads Club was key to me and Tommy growing up being part of local recreational groups.

“The future of Salford Lads Club is reliant on donations. So, next year we’ll be releasing a limited-edition bottle that celebrates Salford Lads Club.”

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  1. Graham Dorrian

    I just tasted your salford rum for the first time i loved can you send me details were i can buy your product! Thanks graham …….

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