An estimated 70,000 carers in Greater Manchester spend 50 hours a week providing care.
Thursday 21 November marks Carers Rights Day in the UK. It is a day dedicated to supporting carers and ensuring they are aware of their rights and available help.
Gaddum, a Manchester based charity who aim to provide support for carers and therapy services, estimates that the number of young carers, in Greater Manchester is 2% above the national average.

According to Salford NHS Care Commissioning Group, there are more than 23,400 carers in Salford, however only 6,500 are known.
In the lead up Carers Rights Day, Gaddum hosted several events for carers in Salford, including a carers breakfast and drop in session.
Approximately one in ten people in the UK are carers, with 6,000 taking up the role each day.

A statement issued by Gaddum said, “There is a greater need than ever before to fight for carers rights.
“The recent NHS survey found that carers are now receiving less support than ever both financially and practically.
“Gaddum works to provide emotional and practical support and with awareness raising events like this taking place it can help raise the profile of issues carers face in Greater Manchester.”
Further information for carers in Salford can be found at

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