Christmas is slowly creeping upon us and as the big day gets closer, many of us will be looking forward to an early Christmas Dinner with friends and work colleagues.

Many places offer a festive menu at this time of year and we have a look at some of the best places for Christmas Dinner in Salford.


The nationwide chain has a restaurant within the Lowry Shopping Centre and launched it’s Christmas menu last month.

Customers can enjoy up to three courses for £17.99, with a range of Christmas themed dishes available should you fancy something different from a traditional Christmas lunch.

Image Credit: Gaurav Chaddah

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for the restaurant and it is covered in Christmas decorations to help there customers get in the mood.

Waitress Hannah Mee says the Christmas feel within the restaurant entices customers in.


She said: “We definitely make an effort, it’s all good having a Christmas menu but you need to create that festive buzz, I think we do that well.”

Image Credit: Gaurav Chaddah


Located within the Quays, the waterside restaurant is best known for it’s steaks and various choices of meat dishes and has an extensive Christmas menu for it’s customers this year.

Image Credit: Gaurav Chaddah

The chain have done a Christmas menu every year but have completely re-branded in 2020 with more dishes then ever before.

For just under £20, visitors can tuck into a three course meal and choose from a choice of seven different main courses.

Image Credit: Gaurav Chaddah

27 year old Marcus Parry is now working his fifth Christmas at the restaurant and is encouraging more people to get out and enjoy a Christmas dinner with friends and family.

Parry said: “Food is the best way to spend time with people, food brings people together, I think we need more of it.

“Food is huge part of Christmas as is spending time with friends and family so it’s ideal to combine the two.”

But whilst many Salford residents will tuck into Christmas meals across the city, Parry says Christmas is the toughest time of the year for chefs.

He said: “It does take it’s toll, the hours, the stress. We’re on the waterfront here and we can get very busy considering where are, I love Christmas but I also can’t wait for it to end.”

Lime Bar

This trendy establishment is situated in Media City and has both a food and bar area for customers too enjoy.

Image Credit: Gaurav Chaddah

Customers will be greeted by Christmas decorations from the outside however the food doesn’t come cheap, with the menu starting from £23.50.

The Lime Bar also offers the “Ultimate Christmas night out” which is perfect for groups, which includes a three course meal and free cocktails and customers can also enjoy live music. These take place every Thursday in the build up to Christmas Day.

So there you have it, just a few places you can enjoy a festive lunch this Christmas.

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