Salford makes up 1/3 of domestic incident call outs in Manchester and is expected to get even busier throughout Christmas.

Sharon Doyle is the project manager of Strive, a project that works closely with Greater Manchester Police with the aim to prevent serious domestic violence incidents in Salford and Manchester. 

Strive volunteers are involved with low level domestic incidents that are classed as ‘standard’ and would not normally be taken any further by the police.

The charity work with risk assessors as part of Greater Manchester police to support and improve the emotional well being of the people involved.

Sharon says, “As the incidents are low level there is only so much the police can do. We look beyond the victim and perpetrator and work with people using our signposting book to help integrate people back into society.” 

The Salford branch currently have 23 volunteers and are urging people to not suffer alone and to speak out if they are suffering especially at this time of year.



Sharon added: “At Christmas people can feel isolated so we help to build their self-esteem and to have a better understanding of what they are going through so they can make informed choices.

“Alcohol, the pressure of Christmas and social media can have an impact on the number of call outs.” 

Over the last year Strive have visited 1118 people in Salford for low level domestic incidents.

From April 2018 to March this year, Greater Manchester Police have received over 147,000 reports of domestic abuse with Salford reporting 17,837 of those cases. 

Strive is run under the registered charity Talk, Listen, Change, that works with male and female domestic abuse perpetrators, their partners, ex-partners and children.

To find out more visit: 

Or alternatively here is a list of numbers you can call during the Christmas period:  

Featured image credit: Talk Listen Change charity.

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