Often mental health is affected by an individual’s physical health. A poor state of mind can lead people to abuse their bodies. Getting outdoors and going for a run every Thursday.

With the Great Local Run team who host Salford Quays 5k Run. A “free event every Thursday. Starting outside the Helly Hansen Water Sports centre. It consists of a timed 2km and 5km run and runners can choose which run to participate in on.”

The event encourages people to take up running and time their achievements to continuously push their personal best.

AJ Watson, an event coordinator at Great local run Salford Quays discussed the “awesome feeling to see so many people turn out for the run, and have someone pass the finish line completely elated that they’ve got a new personal best, or to see them finish their first-ever 5km run.” 


However research suggests, whilst 80% of people see themselves as overweight, many would prefer to join a gym or change their diet, rather than attend a free running event. Which operates as a group which provides support to those just starting out on their weight loss journey. 

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The event is designed to be welcoming  “having lots of community running groups and charities attend the event, who do some great work with the local youngsters and community members.” Even the ‘local’ in the organisations’ name implies it is about community, a community which for someone struggling with weight and body image can be welcomed into. Being supported by a group which as the research shows individuals find more motivational. 


Importantly the event is run by volunteers. Individuals like AJ who give up their time to create a welcoming environment for individuals to come and focus on weight loss or competitively train against other attendees. It is “so important that we get volunteers as we cannot let the event go ahead without a full roster of 9 marshalls. Winter months are the most difficult for us volunteer wise, as people are less keen to stand out in the cold for 45 minutes”



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