Four of our local foodbank centres are facing possible closure if funding and new accommodation cannot be found.

The future of one of them – the Salford Foodbank, which in the last year gave out over 5,500 three-day emergency food parcels will be evaluated and decided on at a meeting in Manchester on the 12th of December.

It is feared not only by the employers and employees, but also by the public that the foodbank is just months from closure if a long-term solution is not found soon.

The three-day emergency food parcels that are offered by our foodbanks contain not only basic foods such as pasta and cereal, but also essential hygiene products such as shower gel and shampoo – everything is based on the person’s needs and those packages also cater to allergies and intolerances.

Staff members and volunteers refused to address the situation and no official statement about possible closure has been issued for the public.

Salford Foodbank has been functioning since 2012 and is ran by two part-time staff and over 70 volunteers. Altogether, they process and distribute around 35 tons of donated food annually and have helped a total of more than 30,000 people.

Salford’s local foodbanks are located at the destinations shown on the map below:

Additionally, employees at a Prestwich business are collecting donations for the Salford Foodbank.

FireCask on Sherbourne Street have turned their offices into a drop-off point.

Ayesha Khan, who is a receptionist at FireCask and spends a lot of her time collecting and managing the donations explained how the idea works and what the aim is:

For any questions about making a donation, contact ​​ or call 0161 222 8655.

Items can be taken to the site from 9-4pm on weekdays until Monday December 23.

To provide any direct help, you can contact the Salford Foodbank on 0161 637 4500 or

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