Women afflicted by a recent pension scandal in Salford and Eccles can find support at a new WASPI group launching in early February, 2020.

The Government’s Pension Act 2011, to increase the state pension age of women from 60 to 66 affecting millions of women across the UK led to the foundation of Women Against State Pension Equality (WASPI) in 2015.

More than 80 WASPI groups are already established across the country, who campaign locally. Now a group will launch in February 2020 covering areas of Salford and Eccles.

The official inaugural meeting of the group will take place in the early New Year.

The meeting is announced to take place on 8th February, at 14:00 GMT at the Clifton Cricket Club, Swinton, Manchester.

According to the figures produced by the House of Commons Library in November 2018, changes in state pension age affected an estimate of 5100 women in Salford and Eccles.



Marie Cottam, 66, a member of the group said: “I’ve really depended on the state pension as I expected to receive it at 60. To reach your pension age and then finding out that it has been moved up is too much. Not only I feel angry, I feel sorry for other women like me.”

Another member of the group and ex-Royal Marines Driver, Lea Butler, 62, said: “Joining this WASPI group has been a real eye-opener for me”

Judith Robertson,64, the coordinator for Salford and Eccles said: “We need to let everyone affected know we exist. More than 5000 women in Salford.”

WASPI Merchandise. Credits: Zulekha Irfan

In September, WASPI women also organised an initial Great Pension Robbery Campaign to gather support for the affected women of Salford. Labour party candidate for Salford and Eccles, Rebecca Long-Bailey also showed her support by standing with the campaigners.

Jane Morwood, 65, the mentor of the Salford and Eccles group said: “Women in Salford and Eccles already have a great advocate such as Rebecca Long-Bailey for support.”

“I would love to meet new women and hear their stories at the inaugural meeting.” Mrs Morwood added.

Chrissie Fuller, 63, the chair of the neighboring group said: “We’re doing okay but we need more people to know of our situation. If we elect the Labour government, they have promised to re-compensate us. While the fight goes on, WASPI hopes to be at the forefront of this fight into a foreseeable future.”

For this reason, the coordinator has set up a Facebook group for the women in her area. She aims to raise awareness amongst the women of their rights through this group. Women can also find information about upcoming WASPI events and campaigns in Salford and Eccles there.

If you have been affected by this change too, share your story on this address waspisalfordandeccles@hotmail.com


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