FoodCycle food pick up

FoodCycle, at Langworthy Cornerstone had their weekly food pick up here in Salford’s shopping centre to collect for their next free meal.

FoodCycle serves different communities across the UK free community meals by using surplus food to reduce the amount of food waste in the country.

Located at Langworthy Cornerstone, the weekly meal attracts members of the public, such as families, by offering them a space to socialise and enjoy a free three-course meal.

FoodCycle food pick up
Food pick up at Lidl
Credit: Lucy Matthews

Whether people are struggling with money or are lonely and would enjoy some company, the free community meal caters for many.

Stephanie Parkin, who volunteers at FoodCycle, explains how she picks up food from Lidl and Aldi every Tuesday before the meal. She said: “Today we are going to pick up food from a couple of local supermarkets that we just do for this Langworthy centre.”

Lidl and Aldi are currently the only supermarkets in the area who support FoodCycle, the group are hoping for more to join in the future.

Mrs Parkin explained: “Personally I just do it once a week, but I know there are sessions at different centres several times a week.

“People are needed everyday and every evening as well.”

Credit: Lucy Matthews

She said that the food available depends on the time of year, “sometimes I’m lucky and there’s a massive bumper box of things to rifle through, other times there’s a tiny shopping basket with a few broken eggs”.

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FoodCycle keep a stock cupboard of dried food such as pasta and tinned tomatoes if there is a shortage of food in the supermarkets. Products such as fresh meat, milk and other diary products are not suitable as they need refrigerating.

This means that the community meal is suitable for vegetarians as the meals are meat-free.

Food storage cupboard at FoodCycle
Credit: Lucy Matthews

Parkin also explained: “Whole vegetables, packets of dried goods like rice and tins of things are perfect because they can be stored at room temperature.”

When searching through donated food at the supermarkets, Stephanie spoke about what to look out for.

If an item is mouldy, for example a single lemon, but the other fruits in the pack are not then they are fine to use.

There were many packs of pasta that had split, meaning Lidl could no longer sell them, however they were suitable to use as long as the product was not contaminated.

From the food pick up today, there were many packs of spaghetti along with spring onions and tomatoes, meaning some sort of pasta dish could be made.

As for dessert, there were lots of lemons that can be used to make a lemon pie.

Food from the pick up today. Credit: Lucy Matthews

FoodCycle is held every Tuesday at Langworthy Cornerstone on Liverpool Street, M6 5QQ, at 6pm.

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