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A Salford charity is helping school students across Greater Manchester to put an end to gang violence around the region.

The charity ‘Prevent 2 Protect’ are providing schools knife amnesty boxes in its current project ‘GANGS for LIFE?’.

Their aim is to use workshops within school classes to educate children on topics such as Salford knife crime, gang violence, domestic abuse, forced marriage and many more situations.

The project is hoping to prevent them from being influenced by gangs and the feeling of confidence with using a knife in an everyday occurrence.

‘Prevent 2 Protect’ is also offering young children the opportunity to learn new skills, such as cooking and fitness classes to keep the spirits high.

Image credit: Prevent 2 Protect Facebook

Daniella Nuttall from ‘Prevent 2 Protect’ said: “Schools in Greater Manchester and Lancashire will be able to run knife amnesties, and this will make a huge difference to the safety of children and young adults in those communities”.

Daniella suggested that due to the Coronavirus and the economic impact it has had on families within the area, some youths take it upon themselves to be the leader of the house. But Prevent 2 Protect give troubled youths the opportunity to rehabilitate.

The charity has been selected by the business Co-op to receive a grant for their project through their Local Communities Fund.

It was reported that averagely in 2019, across Greater Manchester, there was nine knife crimes a day that was reported to the police, which was nine too many for Salford City Councillor, David Lancaster.

In return to these shocking figures, Salford city Council pledged £300,000 to tackle Salford knife crime with six new initiatives in October 2019.

Councillor Lancaster announced in October last year that:

“Being drawn into crime jeopardises those chances and risks their safety but with the right help and support, we can help them turn things around.

“This funding will boost the help we can give.”

You can visit the ‘Prevent 2 Protect’ Facebook page to help donate to their new campaign.

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