Buzz Bingo Salford

A mother and daughter from Salford says the closure of Buzz Bingo following the first national lockdown has left them devastated.

Joanne and her daughter Christine were regulars at the club, which closed in the Summer due to the impact of Covid-19 on business, say the loss of the social contact has left them and many other Salford residents ‘lost.’

Joanne, 79, said, “I used to go at least 3 times a week, it was like a family.

“I know it sounds silly but it really was such an important part of my life.”

Her daughter explained, “Me and my mum are lost. It gets older people like her out the house, they’re not going to want to travel seven odd miles to the Buzz Bingo at Belle Vue.”

Salford is not the only club to close its doors for the final time, with 26 other Buzz Bingo clubs closing nationally.

The older generation in Salford could face extreme isolation, as many rely on the bingo to socialise.

Former manager, Frankie McMahon, said that all of the staff have had to find new jobs; most of them have but there remains one or two still searching.

Buzz Bingo Salford before the closing. Credit: Jessie Sale

“With the virus still very much prominent, it’s harder than ever to get work” he said.

“It was like a family and it saddens me knowing we’ll never get that back, we’ve lost a community.”

Bingo lovers have turned to Facebook to show their disappointment over the closure.

Facebook: Buzz Bingo Salford page

Buzz also offered free food at the end of some evenings to those on the slot machines, such as hot dogs and chips.

A customer claimed: “Nothing will be the same as Salford bingo.”

Buzz Bingo Hall Salford. Credit: Jessie Sale

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