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Salford brewery Seven Brothers has won a Collaboration of the Year award for its partnership with Kellogg’s earlier this year.

The award was part of the Beer52 Awards 2020 which saw independent breweries rewarded in categories like Best Artwork to Best Dessert Stout.

The partnership saw the local brewery use 5,000kg of imperfect cereal from home favourites like Coco Pops and Rice Krispies to create a variety of ales.

The cereal used doesn’t pass Kellogg’s strict quality due to issues with texture or colour and would otherwise go to animal feed.

The ales included Throw Away IPA (made with Corn Flakes), Sling It Out Stout (with Coco Pops) and Cast Off Pale Ale (with Rice Krispies).

Keith McAvoy, founder of Seven Brothers Brewery, said: “Working with Kellogg’s on the production of our Throw Away IPA was amazing.

“We are extremely proud to be working with Kellogg’s and being part of the fight against food waste.”

The award comes from Beer52, a beer subscription service that sends buyers a collection of 8 or 10 different beers per month.

The judges at Beer52 described the beers as ‘mercifully great’ saying: “Seven Bro7hers itself has been a great discovery for us, and members particularly enjoyed the mind-boggling honeycomb IPA that featured in our recent Cyberfest 3 online event.

“The Kellogg’s beers are mercifully great, and the whole thing has also been executed with real sense of fun, significantly raising the brewery’s profile with coverage in the national press.

“In a world where collaboration has arguably become the norm rather than an exciting event, Seven Bro7hers has found an environmentally friendly way to add some snap, crackle and pop.”

The award-winning collaboration is certainly different though we can’t recommend starting your day with one.

The full winners list from the Beer52 awards can be found here.

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