Salford residents are outraged by the backlash to Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, saying it is ‘worrying’.

This year Sainsbury’s Christmas advert focuses on three British families.

The adverts depict family members on the phone reminiscing over a particular aspect of their Christmas dinner. One of these families is black.

After watching the advert, Salford resident Ree Jama comments on the representation: “It’s about time, it makes me feel more British. Throughout the media, in this country, I hardly see any black representation.”

The ad shows a father on the phone to his daughter both excited at the prospect of sharing Christmas together, with the father especially excited to be able to make his gravy for the Christmas dinner.

Unfortunately, the advert has received a tirade of backlash online, with some Twitter users threatening to boycott Sainsbury’s.

In reference to the Aldi advert featuring Kevin the carrot, and the family of carrots, Ree Jama said: “because it’s not related to humans and what people look like, it’s kind of worrying how people are more accepting of a cartoon that’s not actually human, but when its a normal black family on screen then they’re all up in arms.”

Jama is not hopeful that this will lead to change, she adds: “After the criticism of the Black Lives Matter Diversity performance, how there was many critics, it made me think the UK isn’t ready for it.”

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “We want to be an inclusive retailer where people love to work and shop.

“We are proud that our advertising represents the diverse communities we serve, and this year’s Christmas campaign simply reflects three stories of three different families celebrating Christmas in their own way.”

Commenting on the backlash they continued, “Sainsbury’s is for everyone, and it’s important our advertising reflects this. The negative response of a vocal minority won’t stop us from representing modern Britain.”

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