(Photo Credits to Hates Talking)

There are many famous bands and musicians from Salford, such as the Happy Mondays and Joy Division. One hopeful and promising Salfordian ensemble are hoping to join their ranks soon. That band is Hates Talking, who have recently signed a record deal with Deadly Records. I interviewed Lewis and Chris from Hates Talking, about their record deal, new releases and their aspirations.

The band secured the deal in part through fate. They are yet to release any music, however their demo’s reached Rob Fiddaman, radio presenter and owner of Deadly Records, through a barber in Manchester.

As Lewis told me, ‘It’s a bit of a goofy tale’

‘The dude who runs Deadly Records was in Manchester and wanted to get his beard trimmed by a beard specialist’

‘It happened to be the same barber as our frontman, Sam goes to. They’re pretty good mates’

‘He (Rob) was telling him about his work and the barber mentioned that his mate is in a band, so he contacted Sam to listen to some demo’s and he liked what he heard’

(Photo credits to Hates Talking)

Hates Talking appear to have a lot up their sleeve. Although Sam keeps the demo’s under wraps, the four-piece have big plans for future releases.

‘We’re looking at getting a few things ready to release’

‘Once we have the recordings sorted, we want to release a big press package’

‘We want to shoot a music video, have some properly done photos ready so when we release it, its not just a link to our Spotify and hope people like it’

‘It’s like a proper campaign we’re aiming for’

The band have, like all of us, been hindered by the Coronavirus pandemic. They have struggled to practice together due to lockdowns and tier restrictions, and had multiple concerts cancelled as well. Despite this, they are confident and hopeful moving forward into 2021.

Chris said, ‘We’ve made it work as much as we can, you just do what you can you do. You’ve just got to keep pushing forward’

‘I’m hoping in the new year we’re gonna go more at it’

The duo stated the biggest influences on their music are Foals, Arctic Monkeys and The 1975. They describe their thus far unheard sound as “Garage-Indie”

‘It’s a little bit rockier than indie-pop. But it’s easy listening, got melodies you wanna bop to’

(from left) Rob Fiddaman with Sam, Chris, Lewis and Alix of Hates Talking

‘It just sounds like four people in a garage making fun tunes’

‘Sam definitely listens to more pop music than the rest of us. So if he comes at us with an idea, we’ll push it in a direction of a more garage sound. Its the perfect blend of indie, pop and garage’

Deadly Records owner Rob Fiddaman had this to say about Hates Talking,

‘I was hooked instantly to there infectious melody’s and hooky guitar’s that captured the heart of Manchester but without being a derivative of a derivative song. With Alix also on backing vocals, she brings a great dynamic to the band’

‘We are really excited to be working on their debut single, which will be released through Deadly records early next year’

Check out the full interview with Chris and Lewis below. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for new releases from this brilliantly promising band, by following their Twitter and Instagram  by following these hyperlinks.



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